Luxury Maison expands its footprint in West Africa

Montblanc, the leading global Maison for luxury business lifestyle, has opened its first standalone boutique in Nigeria, together with longstanding partner Polo Luxury. Located in The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki, Lagos – Nigeria’s premier lifestyle and shopping destination, the boutique offers an immersive retail experience with dedicated areas for watches, writing instruments, leather goods, accessories […]

A new and extended generation for the world…

Nigeria is not going through a good economic period marked by almost a decade of low value of oil exports; Nigeria, however, remains the largest economy in Africa.   The country’s potential is given by the strong population growth with the consequent presence of many young people: a new and extended generation for the world…     1) […]

Deforestation in Africa

The fires have devastated the Amazon and the news of the lung of the Earth in flames has gone around the world (albeit with some delay). Yet deforestation is affecting the countries of West Africa and the Congo Basin the most, but this is even less talked about.   Tropical forests are biomes that grow […]

Nigerian Chamber of Shipping

LONDON – As the development of African ports advances in the world economic scenario, for the first time, Nigeria is joining the board of directors of the International Chamber of Shipping, precisely an African state. “We are delighted to welcome the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping as a full member of ICS – comments General Secretary […]

Premature deindustrialisation in Africa

Between 2005 and 2020, the share of agricultural workers dropped by 52%. Many of these workers were absorbed into service industries, mainly characterised by informality and low productivity (increasing the share of workers in industries to 37% in 2020). Dani Rodrick (2015) has defined the phenomenon “premature deindustrialisation”; i.e. a continuous fall of manufacturing shares […]

World Lion Day

Powerful, majestic and very sociable, the lion is one of the most iconic species ever but there are some things not everyone knows about this majestic feline. World Lion Day is celebrated on 10 August.   Most of the lions live in Africa, beyond the Sahara Desert, but there is also a small population of […]

Competition between ranchers and farmers in Africa can end with intensive livestock farming

Livestock production systems are broadly categorised into ‘grassland-based’ pastoralism and ranching ‘mixed-farming’, either rainfed or irrigated, and ‘landless’, mainly pig and poultry production systems. These are listed in order of increasing intensity. The ‘landless’ production systems are largely responsible for the rapid growth in average meat supply per person in the developing countries, poultry production […]

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