One day a name began a journey       ITALMOTOR  300x255 ITALMOTOR



“ITALMOTOR” was an old oil tanker,

was a very special tanker, one of the few equipped with two propellers and with many tanks able to always offer the perfect floating trim.

Tanker – Built in 1953 by Ansaldo, Sestri Ponente, for Italnavi
Soc. Di Navigazione SpA, Genoa.

DWT 26,278, Lft 191,3 mt., Width ft 25.0 mt., 2 diesel, 16.0 knots – 12.1976: demolished in La Spezia, Italy.



launch 300x241 ITALMOTOR


“Nomen omen” ….is a Latin spelling that, translated literally, means “the name is a foreknowledge”







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