The seller of Nigerian bread

The seller of Nigerian bread
became a model by chance

The photographer Ty Bello realized that the image she had taken in Lagos to portray the Nigerian singer Tinie Tempah contained one more person, not foreseen in the photo shoot. She was tall and slender, with a haughty bearing in a red tunic. In place of the crown, however, he had a large basket of bread, balanced on his head. She was a street vendor as there are thousands of them in Lagos and all over Nigeria, women trying to bring home some extra money, knocking at the windows of parked cars or calling on street corners to attract patrons.


Schermata 2019 02 20 alle 14.34.27 218x300 The seller of Nigerian bread


Yet the camera vendor had not only created a beautiful and unexpected composition – the singer turns to her, surprised, while she gives him an almost bored look -; his face is also very much loved by Ty Bello, a renowned photographer and a talented singer-songwriter. Bello decided to put himself on the trail of the mysterious girl of bread.



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