Skill development in Nigeria

Entrepreneurship can be currently regarded as part of a strategy to boost the economy. It can be undertake as a challenging task, either internally within organizations,either externally, by the creation of new businesses that are sustainable in a market and in a complex economic environment.
Examples are studies on the importance of entrepreneurship in transition economies.
It is considered that entrepreneurship is associated with two different aspects:
1) Creation and development of business/innovative
companies – entrepreneurship
2) Development of a function in an innovative way of the entrepreneurship.
The goal of Rome Business School is to improve personal skills (cognitive, social and relational skills, technical skills and management skills) and business skills (strategies adopted by the company, products and/or services, corporate image, and management systems: human resource management, financial management, marketing, among others, and the formal and informal structure of the company).
Presented by Romano Pisciotti
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Romano Pisciotti
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