A successful agricultural system requires reliable access to financing, as well as high-quality seeds, fertilizer, and water. Other essentials include access to robust markets that could absorb the higher level of agricultural output, a solid postharvest value chain for the output of farmers, and programs to train them in best practices so that they can raise productivity. Africa has diverse agro-ecological conditions, so countries need to adopt many different farming models to create an African green revolution.

Rural areas in Nigeria 300x200 Agriculture
Rural areas in Nigeria

The processing of agriproducts in the Nigeria is growing and is more than 24% of the country’s GDP. The country administration seeks to variegate the country’s economy by supporting agriculture and rural areas development. Now, agriculture yields more profits than industrial manufacture and oil production. Another goal of the governmental authorities is to lower the import of products from other countries and simultaneously lower the unemployment rate in Nigeria. In terms of employment, agriculture is by far the most important sector of the economy in Nigeria. Agriculture can become the main and most reliable way to sustainable development and economic advance. It covers all aspects of human activity, and also serves as the basis of humanity; Therefore, wise nations around the world give it the first place, developing and exploiting this sector. Read more:

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