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Spiti Valley
The mountain desert of Spiti is a nature lover’s dream — untouched and pristine. Arid mountains, snow-clad peaks, steep gorges surround the sprawling valley and through it runs the glistening Spiti River. A spectacular road trip across the region takes you to the Kye Gompa, a thousand-year-old monastery. The walls of the Gompa are adorned with art, thangkas and valuable manuscripts, while its spirit is calm and soothing. In Spiti, you live like the Spitians — pick fresh fruits, run errands, participate in ceremonies to please ancient deities and send mail from India’s highest post office, all surrounded by Himalayan magnificence.






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Yoga for the
Body and Soul
Mysore is the home of Ashtanga Yoga, a unique form of the discipline that promises to bring balance of body and mind. Combining breathing exercises with a prescribed sequence of postures, Ashtanga Yoga is rigorous… but rewarding for those who pursue it. You’ll be cleansed of toxins. You’ll struggle to perfect your form, but you’ll surrender to a journey that leads to the balance you seek. For those who follow the teachings of founder K Pattabhi Jois at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute, Mysore is the place where the ultimate transcendental experience awaits.


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