Nigeria: potentials in fertilizer market

Nigeria’s vast farming base providing potentials in fertilizer market

Nigeria, located in West Africa, is a federal constitutional republic with the largest population in Africa. In the meanwhile, it is the African biggest economy.
Nigeria has 923,800 square kilometers of land area, of which 60 million hectares of arable land (including abandoned land). Currently, it has 28.2 million hectares of cultivated area, 28.3 million hectares of pasture, 10.9 million hectares of forest and 13 million hectares of water surface. Nigeria has tidal wetlands, tropical rain forest, savannah, frontier areas of tropical desert. There is highland, an elevation of 1500-1800 meters, can be grown subtropical even temperate crops. In a word, it abounds in diverse land resources.
Nigeria agricultural development has a long history and good foundation. Agriculture employment population accounts for 70% of the whole workforce. The average annual increase in agriculture reached to 3-6% in 2011-2015. However, backward agricultural technology restricts its development. Therefore, it has potential fertilizer market in Nigeria.

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TAK Integrated Agricultural Solutions Limited started operations in 2013 as an out-grower scheme under TAK Agro Seed Limited. It eventually evolved into an independent entity and was formally incorporated as a company in June 2015.

TAK Integrated is an agriculture services company that provides farmers with an end-to-end support package to facilitate primary production activities for optimum output. The company operates largely through partnership with farmers.


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