Africa: Natural gas vehicles

Company SOTRA confirm a new investment with CNH Industrial’s global bus brand for a total running fleet of more than 750 city buses.

With this latest agreement, the city’s running IVECO BUS fleet will amount to more than 750 city buses, 100 of which are BRT running on CNG. Further to its pioneering leadership in natural gas, IVECO BUS is also a leader in BRT solutions. As a result, Abidjan has invested in transforming the structure of its urban public transit system to high-capacity BRT.

IVECO bus logo Africa: Natural gas vehicles

Natural gas vehicles are an effective answer to environmental concerns and represent a real, mature and efficient solution for mass passenger transport. CNG vehicles offer major benefits in terms of their low running costs and a reduction in pollution and noise: fine particle emissions are reduced to nearly zero, nitrogen oxide emissions by more than one third and noise level is reduced by half.



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