Africa Agriculture Agenda

The real resources in agriculture are young people and water


President Akinwumi Adesinat  of the African Development Bank delivered a clarion call this weekend to global investors, political leaders and the business community “to put capital at risk for the young people of Africa”. He added that it was time for African governments to begin to shift from youth empowerment to youth investment. 


West African nation Nigeria has overtaken North African counterpart Egypt as Africa’s largest producer of rice.
During an interview by The Nation (Nigeria), the Director-General of the Africa Rice Center, Benin Republic, Dr Harold Roy-Macauley revealed Nigeria – Africa’s fastest growing economy 2019 – produces 4 million tonnes annually.
Egypt’s rice production stood at 4.3 million tonnes yearly but is forecast to decline by 40 per cent reduction after the Egyptian government decided to limit cultivation to preserve water resources.


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Meeting in Lagos

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Romano Pisciotti


Awarding of deserving students

Romano Pisciotti premia i giovani meritevoli:

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Romano Pisciotti


Romano is in Nigeria as a commercial developer for MPI – IVECO and collaborates with the Rome Business School, where he teaches.

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